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EAT 9: Eat Illustrated


EAT Illustrated is the 9th issue of EAT zine.

A call for visual contributions yielded fine illustrations and comments from Steven Arenius, Fran Chang, Tom Clifford, JJ Pelechaty, Beth Anne Royer, Karen Stocks, and some great vintage food photography from the Visual Studies Workshop archives, as well as the usual in-house photo chatter and vintage cookbook rehashing.

Contents include: build your own cheap and "easy" raised beds, A Tale of Two Sandwiches, foods that taste better when someone else makes them (hint, they're all between bread). LES licorice inventory, and some musings about nutrients and Burger King veggie burgers. It's pretty random, but fun to look at, especially in the bigger 8x10 format.

Fall 2018, 24 pages, 8 x 10 inches, full color, laser printed.